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Plant Tissue Culture - Research Paper by Shijie - Anti Essays

Date: 2017-04-04 16:05

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Designing a strategy to culture cells from a plant for the first time can still seem like a matter of trial and error, and luck. However, the commercial production of valuable horticulture crops by micropropagation, which relies on tissue culture, shows that it exists in the routine, as well as experimental, world.

Cloning of medicinal plants through tissue culture A review

There is at present no way to predict the exact growth medium, and growth protocol, to generate a particular type of callus. These characteristics have to be determined through a carefully designed and observed experiment for each new plant species, and frequently also for each new variety of the species which is taken into tissue culture. The basis of the experiment will be media and protocols that give the desired effect in other plant species, and experience.


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Three explants are placed on each petri dish of growth medium (see table and below), with the upper epidermis pressed gently against the surface of the agar to make good contact.

Tess K. Additon, . Horticulture
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Anther culture (androgenesis), to generate haploid plants from pollen microspores, is one way to shorten this process. It allows novel allele combinations, particularly ones involving recessive characters, to be assessed in intact plants. Useful individuals can then be developed into homozygous and fertile plants through chromosome doubling techniques, and brought into a breeding programme.

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